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harryyouth         We would first like to thank you for taking the time to visit our web page. Here you will find helpful links, video, photo's of the season and out offical online store. We are a group of people that love to hunt the elusive Iowa whitetail deer. This tradition has been around since the dawn of time and we hope to pass it on for generations to come. We want to share our experiences with others no matter the age with others. The way we do this is by showing our youth the passion, excitment and opportunities that the outdoors holds, in the hopes to get people active in this tradition.Tyson1

     Be sure to find us on Facebook and Youtube, both hold great infromation and helpful hints that just might give you the edge you need to harvest your next whitetail deer. We are not trophy hunters, (even though you will see some big bucks) we feel any deer you harvest with a bow is a trophy, no matter if it's a doe or a buck.

         Iowa Deer Slayers will have merchandise available for purchase shortly. We also offer a wide array of sponsors and advertising for companies, If interested in hearing more be sure to check out our Services tab and feel free to E-mail us Via our Contact Us tab. We welcome all questions and comments.


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